Here fine okay I’ll write longer Lines for this one. Better now? Do you like a little more chunk In your poems? Do you like it nice and Girthy, fuller? Do you want your walls Tickled with my words or do you want Me somewhere else? Maybe we can try pushing Even further. I only […]

Sit On My Face, oh hi!

Come over here Sit on my face Teach me how to Taste you, I want to be An aficionado A sommelier– Of sorts Morning, mid morning Noon, early afternoon Afternoon, late afternoon Evening, sunset Dusk, twilight Dawn The many variations of Harvesting I must taste Before I die A bucket list Of sorts I love […]

Thumb-Sucker Thoughts

I think about you When I suck on My left thumb Wondering what You’re up to Now that you’re All alone and I’m here wondering Where else I Could be sticking This thumb, and What else I Could be polishing-off Maybe I could Polish you ?

Dirty Imagery

I wonder if she Gets off when she Fucks me with her Hand and makes me Squirt all over her Wrist? I wonder if It tingles lightly When I kiss her Inner thigh, the way Mine does when her Hair brushes my hip? I wonder if she thinks It’s tiring, boring, tedious Or if all […]