Lesbians Kicked Out Of Church/The T Is Working

I saw an article About a lesbian couple Being kicked out of The church they met at, Which is like Usually the sort of thing Christians worship God and commitment and Community and shit But They had a formal vote And issued a letter Saying they were banned From the church and it’s services Cuz […]


Hello I’m Becky, Becky with the good hair I’m a sort of Professional asshole Kind of like a Dan Savage except His karmic nightmare Come to life To hunt him down Steal his career For a lifetime of Fatphobic ignorance Or something Who knows I’m also funny and A musician So I think, maybe I’m […]

There’s Only So Much Pussy You Can Eat In A Day

There’s only so much pussy You can eat in a day Before your facilities need Tending-to You can vary your position You can get comfortable It’s always worth the trouble But your jaw and your tongue Are only so powerful! I once tore Part of my tongue rope thing My partner said Most people don’t […]

I Am A Huge Fan Of My Pussy

I identify as a Lesbian as well as a Man because like I said Before I wouldn’t have been able To transition so hormonally In another era or something But also because honestly My pussy is popping I fucking love it I love fucking it I am a huge fan Of my pussy Maybe even […]

Pepper Fetish

Fresh peppers are fun Because they Blow you right out But dried Make it slow Nice and drawn out Make my intestines tickle In a funny way The way a good Fucking does My oh my do I love Spicy hot peppers Dried, fresh, sauced Even dipped in your fingers I love the way A […]