I’ve been reflecting a lot Lately, more than I usually do. I usually spiral Slipping down peel After peel after peel Laughing at my own little Blooper reel of fuckery Alas, lately I’ve found Still waters and I have Taken a good, long Look at me. I am the only reason I haven’t killed myself […]

Control My Thoughts

I’m sorry I have to get something off my chest It’s been raining all day Every part of my body aches and moans The fluids in me are churning My humours blending Black, yellow Blood and phlegm My systems disordered, A suicide mix of them all I have to get something Off Of my chest […]

Let’s Talk About Nothing

The worst thing About being best friends With no one Is that when you talk to people They’re like “Oh man, what’s this guy’s deal” Cuz they don’t know you They don’t know that you’re Not a threat, or that you Wouldn’t even steal somebody’s Pen ! Or that you’ve been broken More times than […]

Fag Them

I wanna be the faggiest Dykiest Gayest fuck That ever yes-homo-ed I wanna be offensive To anyone with a church membership I wanna communicate my sexuality To everyone within A hundred miles of me I want the straights to Quiver with fear Tell me to quiet down even though I’m just Standing there Being gayer […]