New Name

I’ve been avoiding Coming up with A new name I don’t really Like change I’ve had to change So many things Since I’ve been put here Like my diet and my Movements and my Career I don’t want to change my name I’ll forget what it is And default to the Thing it’s always been […]

Switch You Off

Literally everyone Everyone has asked Or checked in Anyone that cared, at least Everyone except you I just can’t Understand why I can’t accept That you don’t care Why is it so hard For me to accept That you don’t care What is wrong with My settings that I can’t Switch you off

Trying To Relate

The problem with Talking to cis people About dysphoria Or trans problems Is that you can’t really Trust that they know Or understand Because they can’t Also like They can Which makes it worse Somehow, when they Validate one thing And make you feel alien On the next Also it is inevitable That you end […]


I have to believe That I will be something That I will be Somebody Because if I’m not Then I’m just Some asshole Who got stuck In the wrong body, the Wrong family, the wrong life and The wrong face and The wrong bits to Fuck with