Beware of Motorcycles

My grandma On her deathbed Told my mom To tell me To beware of motorcycles Now I wonder If this isn’t some sort of Symbol worth avoiding Anywhere it appears I wonder if I shouldn’t be Afraid of the Motorcycle men Who are relatively unstable Meddling with affairs Beyond their comprehension Too proud to admit […]


My girlfriend is Sometimes insecure because I fantasize about Group sex and things She can’t be By herself — But that’s the thing She alone Has awakened A part of me Sexual, raw Confident and Loving enough To be able to imagine Fucking hundreds of people Bonobos to the wind Goddamn I would love to […]

I Like Cunts

Some girls like bad boys Some girls like nice guys Some girls like dicks I like cunts Some boys like Madonnas Some boys like whores Some boys like cock I like cunts Some people like animals Some people like plants Some people like nothing I like cunts