I have to believe That I will be something That I will be Somebody Because if I’m not Then I’m just Some asshole Who got stuck In the wrong body, the Wrong family, the wrong life and The wrong face and The wrong bits to Fuck with

Sweat Pile

Holy shit So Testosterone has been Extremely subtle Except for Sweating. The sweating is incredible. I sweat approx. 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000x More than I used to I sweat especially Right before I’m about to cum Last night during our Evening warm-down I sweat through the blankets And the sheets and even My pillow I had to change […]

Make Plans

The more I transition The better I feel And the more I want To fight her battles And right the Lifetime of wrongs Done to her In his new body But I worry I’ll get arrested And misgendered So instead I sit back, wait Impatiently, and Make plans

It’s Time To Be A Dick

The real reason I haven’t come out To everyone, at least Is because I want to start fresh Without all these Fake, lying, insincere Pitying cunt pussies I want zero cunts In my new life I’ve already spent More than enough time As a cunt, with a cunt, and Surrounded by cunts I’ve had enough […]

Coming Out/Know Him

I came out To my girlfriend Then to my therapist Then to myself Then I told my Mom, where we decided To wait a while Until we told my dad. I haven’t made a Public announcement, aka A Facebook one I don’t believe in Personal Facebook, only Business Facebook. I haven’t told anyone Because honestly […]