Mystery Time w/ Becky

I think maybe All my Sex partners knew I was trans Before I did? I know this, I think. It just sucks to Accept it as true. I wonder How they knew? Maybe it was the Extreme self-hatred And overcompensation And massive Blowjob fixation? It’s a mystery, Yo.


I’m obsessed with My new voice. It’s the whole motivation For the weird Audio clips I just like Listening to myself Talk. Yup. I’m trans so I don’t Think this is The least bit Self-indulgent. I’ve been waiting Long enough To be able To enjoy this.

It’s Getting Better

Hi my name is Becky I’m a man and I’m also A ftm nonbinary thing I am here primarily To cheer you up But sometimes I might call you out On your bullshit. I was a Super-morbidly obese Little kid, so I don’t exactly Have any idea how to Respectfully talk to other people. I […]


  Oh yeah I mean You nailed it You called it My life is so Sad and pathetic And miserable Any sort of update On your life would’ve just WRECKED ME I would’ve been completely and utterly DESTROYED BY YOUR HAPPINESS YOU FUCKING SELF-OBSESSED CUNT Not everybody Is a prison Of petty jealousies And cowardly […]