Trying To Relate

The problem with Talking to cis people About dysphoria Or trans problems Is that you can’t really Trust that they know Or understand Because they can’t Also like They can Which makes it worse Somehow, when they Validate one thing And make you feel alien On the next Also it is inevitable That you end […]

Sweat Pile

Holy shit So Testosterone has been Extremely subtle Except for Sweating. The sweating is incredible. I sweat approx. 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000x More than I used to I sweat especially Right before I’m about to cum Last night during our Evening warm-down I sweat through the blankets And the sheets and even My pillow I had to change […]

The Way Stars Gaze

You probably already know this By now I’d think But I love you I’ve loved you since I first met you There is something About the way you are The way your bones Fit in your skin The way your eyes hover On my lips, watching me Talk but barely listening I’ve loved you since […]

Ban It!!!

Maybe instead of Banning people, Things, ideologies– We could just Encourage better things Like respect and decency


People act like I’m So weird but I’ve Literally never once Talked about Eating flesh Don’t I at least Get points For that?