Beware of Motorcycles

My grandma On her deathbed Told my mom To tell me To beware of motorcycles Now I wonder If this isn’t some sort of Symbol worth avoiding Anywhere it appears I wonder if I shouldn’t be Afraid of the Motorcycle men Who are relatively unstable Meddling with affairs Beyond their comprehension Too proud to admit […]

Meet Me

If you want To meet me Halfway between Where you are and Where I’ll be We can Get somewhere cheap And never even Turn on the tv We could just Not talk The whole evening There is plenty We could catch up on Just between Our bodies Meeting, Morse code Of sorts I don’t get […]

Wet Yourself

  If I were to See you right now You wouldn’t be able to Make it to the bathroom Before you started to Wet yourself


My girlfriend is Sometimes insecure because I fantasize about Group sex and things She can’t be By herself — But that’s the thing She alone Has awakened A part of me Sexual, raw Confident and Loving enough To be able to imagine Fucking hundreds of people Bonobos to the wind Goddamn I would love to […]