Trying To Relate

The problem with Talking to cis people About dysphoria Or trans problems Is that you can’t really Trust that they know Or understand Because they can’t Also like They can Which makes it worse Somehow, when they Validate one thing And make you feel alien On the next Also it is inevitable That you end […]

A Soul

I’ve never Questioned Whether or not I had A soul But I have often Questioned Whether or not It matters

I Am A Huge Fan Of My Pussy

I identify as a Lesbian as well as a Man because like I said Before I wouldn’t have been able To transition so hormonally In another era or something But also because honestly My pussy is popping I fucking love it I love fucking it I am a huge fan Of my pussy Maybe even […]

I Crack Myself Up

I crack myself up More than anyone I’ve ever met I’m fucking hilarious I make myself laugh And listen to my gas All day and all night And never get sick of it Except for when I want to die