About Me

  Anybody wanna Come over and Smoke weed Play games Talk about Cartoons and Shit on the Gender binary While we Touch each-other’s Pussies? Nah?! Fine enough, Table for one, Please.

You Deserve It

I thought maybe I’d admit That I’ve been mean enough to you But that doesn’t mean You don’t still deserve Everything you’re going through. I, Afterall Am forced to take the same pill Doesn’t that make it ok, To treat another human With ill-will? You know, Eye-for-and-eye Tit-for-a-tater-tot Bread-and-butter-instead-of-dill And yes, I miss a lot […]

Bad Attitude

I have a really bad attitude. They tell me not to say things with that tone of voice. I’m not sure what tone of voice I am using I think my voice is just kind of low and that nice pretty ladies aren’t supposed to swing that low in our voice chariots. I do not […]

I Don’t Know What Gender I am

I Don’t Know what Gender I amĀ  –by Becky WTGH I don’t know what gender I am–today I tried figuring it out, on the phone but it just got worse, like it did before. I can’t figure out if I’m either, or, if I’m or. I can’t be neither, they say. I know I’m not […]