I’m not really sure what to do next With the podcast Mostly because I’m not really sure What I’m supposed to be doing With my health? I think I need to be doing something but the doctors are all saying That time will help And not being depressed Like Fucking Duh I also have steroids […]

Rapinoe Angry Reacts

Each time I see An angry react On a Rapinoe post I get a little Fire under My ass And also Lose a Bit of hope Which makes Me want To shoot Fire out My ass Some more


When I was a kid People would treat me As if I was Prone to violence Because they knew How much kids picked on me They knew I had Reason to hate, Reason to fight They knew I had a need for Space I do not have A violent bone in my body I have […]

Kill Bill Vol. 3 Ballade of Becky’s Bullies

I quite enjoy Quentin Tarantino He is one of my favorites He seems to understand The raw sexual thrill Of watching women Kill men Theatrically I would very much enjoy Starring in a third volume Mr. Tarantino, please? I don’t have Excellent feet But I do have Excellent bullies As well as a Built-in gender […]


I suppose Growing older Is just Growing resentment That’s all you’ve been Doing Based on what I can see, Dad