Cutting People Out Of My Life

People are constantly telling me To cut negative people out And “trim the fat” So to speak I have literally Never had an issue With someone negative That wasn’t because of Their own bullshit I will say I have Endless problems With high and mighty Goody-two-shoe cunts Giving me advice unwarranted Babying me Patronizing me […]

I Do This For Myself

Today is just Full of PSA’s Just thought I’d be clear here I do all this For myself Not like– Myself right now Silly!! Myself back then Back when I was lost I do this for The teenager Googling random shit Hoping to find somebody They relate to In a world That seems to represent […]


When I was a kid People would treat me As if I was Prone to violence Because they knew How much kids picked on me They knew I had Reason to hate, Reason to fight They knew I had a need for Space I do not have A violent bone in my body I have […]

Nobody Knows What To Do

The thing about movies And shows And stranger things Is that there is this Unwritten expectation That in order for the Plot to progress, People have to figure out What to do In some sort of way And almost always Someone figures it out Or a new person Is introduced Who knows what to do […]


I’ve shown Weakness my whole life Because of my Abysmal health often others Assume I’m weak because I deserve it, somehow Oftentimes weak people Are portrayed as Comfortable with their weakness Proportionate to their pain I don’t see myself As anything other than A man with goals and plans To live life as full as […]