I wonder I wonder so many things I wonder endlessly I am a WonderBall Ball of frightful, never-ending Wondering. Not to be confused with Wandering Of which I often Participate. I often wonder while I wander Because the wondering makes me Miserable, Poor little WonderBall Rolling through the forest to the seas Forever lost, Forever […]

Storm System

Out of nowhere The sun came out And the madness stopped The rain let up And the winds died down I looked inside myself And saw an opening It stirred my soul The eye of the storm A moment of alignment A moment of peace I could feel deceived, When this moment is over And […]

Who Died? Oh Right, I Did.

It’s weird when people know so strongly When they feel it in their bones. I would be certain, I would be sure But been living as this dope lady for a quarter of a century Really makes things difficult When you’re changing your name, Changing your face, changing your Identity.   I have to kill […]

Surveillance Culture

If what’s going on in my head Is also going on in yours– Then why are we here, still? Why aren’t we dead? Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen Well, except for the government And their cameras they put in my Potatoes. Certainly. I eat the camera, the camera sees me Inside and out. The […]