Not A Poet

I’ll admit, I’m not really A poet. I just write down What I feel and press the Spacebar right when I think The line is about halfway Through. I then tag it as “poem, poetry, prose?, prose” I learned about free-verse, today I’ll start tagging that, too. I wonder if you all already Knew? I […]

Tulip Tears

Does anyone else think The sun is brighter, now? The air is drier, The ground is thinner, The water, runnier? The trees seem sad, The bushes are lonely Despite being all intertwined I walked by a flower, yesterday It was crying I shit you not This poor little tulip Was overwhelmed by fear It had […]

Body Image Issues

All women have problems with their body image! So they say. They put this message on like, Billboards and shit. Everywhere you go– It’s either “Diet and exercise yourself to worthiness!” or “BE EMPOWERED IN YOUR BODY” “DOVE YOURSELF, BOOTIFULL” As if I’m not, already, somehow– Do you know how much power is in this […]