I usually try to write Deeper, than this. I usually Don’t say what’s on my mind. I usually say what’s Right beneath it. I have been struggling– Wondering if I am Censoring, myself. I wonder if my message Has ever even been spoken? I wonder what my real point is? My real goal, with all […]


I’m an artist, now– FYI. Some people on the internet Said so. Maybe that will Change the way I see myself, If I could only Convince you.

People hate it when you’re good at stuff

People, here, meaning others. Others meaning not-me’s. Not-me’s still sometimes meaning myself. YES?! yes. People hate it when you’re good at stuff! Usually! Unless they’re just like you, then they recognize your excellence, no problem. WHO AM I, to blame some poor nameless “other” for my woes. Have you read rainbow fish? The one about […]

Running Up That Hill — Cover me Crazy

“First Aid Kit” is an accurate band name I have used First Aid Kit as a literal first aid kit for my heart. After my first longterm girlfriend left me, I listened to their album “Stay Gold” until I didn’t have any thoughts that weren’t lyrics. The lyrics are validating. Their sound is like actual […]