Premeditated Mother-in-Law

Here’s the deal I have something I need to get off my He/she chest Besides the whole he/she thing I guess. It’s way worse. It’s murder. Literal plans for murder. In my head, I’m thinking– Is it still evidence in court If it’s poetry? Yes. I’m certain. So I guess Writing this, in a weird […]


I think maybe I want to try Edging you sometime You occasionally get insecure About how long it takes you When we do it a lot, very often I think maybe the solution Is for me to Almost make you Come whenever you Get close, over and Over and over again Maybe then you will […]

Friend or Phony

The last person I felt close to Maybe didn’t understand How unusual it was For me to let them in. ——————– I gave them full access, Copied them a key I daydreamed about porches Old age, a friend–closer than Family. ——————————– It didn’t seem to matter much For them, this was all normal stuff People […]

Bad Attitude

I have a really bad attitude. They tell me not to say things with that tone of voice. I’m not sure what tone of voice I am using I think my voice is just kind of low and that nice pretty ladies aren’t supposed to swing that low in our voice chariots. I do not […]