Sometimes I see Sex-tip articles And I’m like Have you tried Intimacy? It’s way better Than putting that Wine bottle Up there Also Ice cubes are Fucking Slippery!


I guess I’m mad Because I never Chose to look Queer or any other Certain sort of way. I just am Queer and strange and I guess I find it Petty that you think You “don’t look gay.” I’ve been looking “Too something” Since the beginning– Not enough is A problem that I Envy

Who is Becky

Who am I? What am I doing? Should I introduce myself a little better, Now that I’m Still talking I’m Becky with the Good Hair, but I wasn’t always this dope and smarmy. ————————- I used to be a really straight-laced stuck up bitch That’s why I call myself a Becky I have super dope […]

Proclaim Yourself NOW

Where/What/When/Why/How are You? This poem is about so many things They/Them/Their/What/Why/When/Why/How/Who/Maybe Proclaim Yourself NOW –by Becky WTGH   I’ve been spending most of my time wondering about time and space I’ve been wondering what keeps us all in this place here, not there, not over there, not with anyone not without penance. Everything has a […]

Feminism is what now…?

So I’ve been on a mission for about eight months now It’s going ok I guess, thanks for asking. I’ve been searching for the kind of feminists that people hate. The kind that are parodied, mocked. Also the kind that protest trans people. I’m very curious about and mystified by these people. They’re like, both […]