Therapy Woes

When I mentioned to my therapist Some of my experiences with weight prejudice She responded by saying I was breaking her heart And that she had No idea Fat people were treated like this She then referenced Body positivity, and looked at me Like that means anything. I call bullshit, honestly You most certainly know […]

Thank You Very Much

Good day, sir! Good day, lady! Good day, “liberal, progressive” them! Thank you very much For reprimanding me The way my mother did When we were publicly displayed So that others knew She did her best, and I was her problem, not The other way, I guess. It’s so nice to have Such clarity My […]

Raise Hell

So I’ll be honest I became very inspired After seeing Roxane gay On live TV interviews a few times That is how she reached me first. I bought her book Hunger and her book Bad feminist. I read bad feminist and I thought to myself “When the fuck did I black out And write this […]

Teach Me

What is it about My body That you need to Teach me? What is it about My body That makes you so full of Advice When you see it? What is it about My body That needs work While exempting yours From criticism? Why am I unable To mention exercise Without hearing a sigh Of […]

Childhood Pain and Neglect

There are some things I’d rather not talk about. I’ve been realizing lately, that writing makes me feel better. It’s like, a more concentrated version of thinking/reflecting/talking/feeling than I’m used to. I’m new to writing, so I am also new to the benefits. I kinda used to think writing was for rich, dead people–and suckers, […]