Something Nobody Has

I understand that Trans women are being Attacked by TERFs the most but like– Women have attacked me Physically AND verbally For all sorts of fun reasons My whole life. I think maybe Some people have The wrong idea Of what “womanhood” is It’s not any of the dove commercials, ya’ll It’s not sisterhood It’s […]

People of WordPress

Hands down The best thing about WordPress– The other poets. All the other writers All the other people who “Didn’t even know it” All y’all are awesome. I love reading, I love discovering I am inspired daily and often Not even necessarily by the content But by the sheer quantity The breadth of humanity’s plea […]

Proclaim Yourself NOW

Where/What/When/Why/How are You? This poem is about so many things They/Them/Their/What/Why/When/Why/How/Who/Maybe Proclaim Yourself NOW –by Becky WTGH   I’ve been spending most of my time wondering about time and space I’ve been wondering what keeps us all in this place here, not there, not over there, not with anyone not without penance. Everything has a […]