Absurdity Matters

Absurdity makes the world round Don’t believe me? You, person Must be a flat-earther Or some other Garden variety asshole Absurdity is what I’m Sticking around for If I had to be real If I had to be trapped here In “reality” Whatever that may be I’d go fucking ballistic I’d play air hockey With […]

The Honorable Judge Becky

I’ve been daydreaming For about six months About going to law school Busting up some books With my face And brain stuffs Running circles ’round that Academic workload Changing the channels in my brain a bit So I can understand the lay of the land ‘Else I get hosed by some legal shit I ain’t […]

The Counting of Becky’s Crisco

I read Alexander Dumas At a very influential time in my life. We were only supposed to do A report For summer reading. I prepared–extremely thoroughly I read it and read it and read it As if there was something waiting for me But alas ! We didn’t even have to write a paper It […]

Coconut Fantasy

Coconut Fantasy REVISED –by Becky WTGH   I am delusional I live in a coconut fantasy Inside my coconut, I am living. I live for all of it! I live for everything, Everything I see moves me to tears They want to gawk at me, but I laugh; others are consumed by their fears.   […]