Sometimes My hopelessness Comes up over me Like a tsunami. It destroys everything I’ve worked for Washes me fully Out to sea I try to rebuild but I feel so hopeless Living right on the coast Moments from being toast Waiting for the next tsunami To wash me clean Absolving me of all those Pesky […]

Storm System

Out of nowhere The sun came out And the madness stopped The rain let up And the winds died down I looked inside myself And saw an opening It stirred my soul The eye of the storm A moment of alignment A moment of peace I could feel deceived, When this moment is over And […]

New Song–still about a cat

He loves it. I don’t know how he knows its for him, but he just does. Ridiculous! He is such a diva.   I can’t explain what I’m doing. I have so many other skills. I have so many other things I need to be doing. All I am able to do is write software […]

Becky Sad

Becky Sad. Becky watch video. Becky chuckle! Becky sad… Becky fall down. Becky depressed. At some point I will accept that I am sad too often. I will let you know when that happens. In the meantime, I have convinced myself that blogging helps. Podcasting helps. Music helps. Expression helps. With the expression comes the […]