Take Something

I can’t sleep The acid won’t let me. I guess I’ll just Stay up and see what Tomorrow is Or you know– Whenever next happens I dunno, man I used to worry Now I’m just wired tight My brain running at full speed So that it can finally shut up I wonder if I’ll ever […]


Sometimes I think about everything Simultaneously And it crushes me. Bullies me into Crying, feeling Desperate and lonely and Repugnant. If only I could think about Something other than My regrets, failures, Betrayals and Humiliations. I know that death Is not the answer But this feels identical I am being devoured By my own intuition […]

Little Tabby Cat LSD

I took a tab We’ll wait and see What little Lucy Has in store for me I wanted to die So instead I found $10 And got up high Looking for a sky of diamonds I should probably Save the money, Spend more wisely I can’t think of anything wiser Than spending $10 On finding […]