What Is Failure?

What is failure? Asking for a friend… I’ve been Deemed a sad and pathetic one However I feel Exactly as I did When I was being welcomed As a talented person Of great value I haven’t changed– What gives? Is it my new haircut? Is it my weight? Is it my gender? Or is it […]


When someone is Bleeding, and they are Hemophiliac No one blames them For bleeding out. When someone is Bleeding internally, Blackening and withering No one blames them For needing help. When a blind person Learns to use a cane No one blames them For smacking their knee But When a fat person Dies because of […]

Pig At A PETA Convention

I’ll admit I find it insane That no one Besides me Recognizes that Fat women are Treated as if they Owe an apology For existing– And has a Problem with it. Most people remain Encouraging of The more unhealthy Perspective. It’s as if the Suicide hotline Always told you to Follow through with it And […]

Mind Your Own Business

A friend of mine Called me to Update me on his Diet progress and Sent me pics and Measurements unprompted Bragged about How easy it was and how Much better his life is After is 12 day diet cleanse Bitch I have Cushing’s syndrome I don’t need tips I need you To mind your own […]

Prove It

Being fat is Being reminded Daily By your Family By your Friends By your Enemies By the Drunk guy loitering That you aren’t Human unless You Prove it