Want Anything

i just got my hopes up, is all. i thought i found that thing i had been searching for all along. i thought i found someone who didn’t want anything from me but me. now i know there’s no such thing


OK! New plan! No friends, Don’t need them. All people are Designed to fail– Myself included. From now on, I will Fix my own failures, and leave the rest Alone.


I kept you In my heart On a special Pedestal ——————- You were my Favorite Human being Way back then —————– You didn’t Put me up Anywhere special Though, did you? —————– You left me For someone More valuable Good for you! —————– She left you Because you Are more like me Than you knew […]

Friends and Friendship

One of the major recurring themes in this made-for-TV movie I call my life is friendship. I have been seeking genuine, heartfelt friendship for as long as I’ve been breathing. What more could anyone want? What else is there, but to know that someone sees them. Understands them. Empathizes, sympathizes, strategizes with, embraces and supports […]