Loose and Unwelcome

I’m jealous of how Freely straight people can Talk about their sex and their Dating and their favorite ways To fuck, as a Queer person I’ve always been told Saying what I feel and live and Experience is Inappropriate, somehow Even this poem feels Loose and unwelcome


Unnatural? Who are you calling Unnatural?! You know what’s Unnatural? Killing yourself inside Pretending to hide Pushing your pain Onto those brave enough To shine

We All Float

I can’t help but Find it sad that So many people Will be surprised Because I changed my gender And stopped living a lie I find it sad because To me I had Really hoped that The genders weren’t so different And that We all float No matter what


I think my Deadname might be Starting to die, On its own. I found my new one I like it quite a bit I’m not sure how Anyone could bear Being called someone They never were But so shoot me– I loved her, Despite our differences And I feel a bit awkward About killing her.