Speaking of Ass

Last night When I was hanging out with molly I ate my girlfriends pussy So passionately and elegantly She came more ferociously Than I’ve ever seen One massive ten minute Episode of pleasure Radiating from her Body through my skin into My brain ! ”Twas dope. I woke up today And my tongue’s little rope […]

Not A Poet

I’ll admit, I’m not really A poet. I just write down What I feel and press the Spacebar right when I think The line is about halfway Through. I then tag it as “poem, poetry, prose?, prose” I learned about free-verse, today I’ll start tagging that, too. I wonder if you all already Knew? I […]

Sit On My Face, oh hi!

Come over here Sit on my face Teach me how to Taste you, I want to be An aficionado A sommelier– Of sorts Morning, mid morning Noon, early afternoon Afternoon, late afternoon Evening, sunset Dusk, twilight Dawn The many variations of Harvesting I must taste Before I die A bucket list Of sorts I love […]

Who is Becky

Who am I? What am I doing? Should I introduce myself a little better, Now that I’m Still talking I’m Becky with the Good Hair, but I wasn’t always this dope and smarmy. ————————- I used to be a really straight-laced stuck up bitch That’s why I call myself a Becky I have super dope […]

Poetry Competition

There is some poetry contest That popped up as a cookie On my browser Cuz it knows me and I never turn that shit off Cuz I don’t care Anyway I really want to enter I fucking love poetry wait– I mean Competition I love competition I love beating ass and Moaning names I love […]