A Like For A Follow And A Share For A Swallow

It’s clear that Many of the Citizens of WordPress (Sorry I’ve been watching Too much Batman lately) Only read Other people’s stuff To try and promote Their own shit Which– HEY!! It’s totally cool All is good, all is well I understand I just Personally Feel a little backed-in To a corner or something I […]


Tonight I’m researching fun I’m gonna Get to the root of it I’m gonna try Different methods And get back to you I’ve got my Cup on a string On standby tonight, y’all No need for Stress or anxiety I’ve got Fun on my mind, This evening I don’t know What’s gotten into me I’m […]

It’s Getting Better

Hi my name is Becky I’m a man and I’m also A ftm nonbinary thing I am here primarily To cheer you up But sometimes I might call you out On your bullshit. I was a Super-morbidly obese Little kid, so I don’t exactly Have any idea how to Respectfully talk to other people. I […]


I process things Like, soooo Oooooooo Ooooooooo Slowly sometimes Sometimes it takes me 6-36 months To understand something Even simple things Oftentimes I get So zoomed out Or so zoomed in I can’t tell which Direction I’m headed in I once was with a person Who I shouldn’t have been For like 2-4 years too […]

Surveillance Culture

If what’s going on in my head Is also going on in yours– Then why are we here, still? Why aren’t we dead? Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen Well, except for the government And their cameras they put in my Potatoes. Certainly. I eat the camera, the camera sees me Inside and out. The […]