In Cunt I Trust

I don’t trust anyone People are always telling me this is a problem. I have done it a few times And it never ended well People blamed me for my misgivings. People are cunts You don’t have to have a cunt to be one It seems like butts are also cunts Like a package deal […]

Pillow Talk

My girlfriend is out of town So I don’t have anyone to pillow talk with I thought to myself There’s a poem for this. I wish I had a bigger clit It would help make sense of all of it As it is right now, I have The tightest pinkest sweetest pussy In all of […]

Time to/till Transition

How do you know when it’s time to transition? I’ve heard people say all the things people say: Wait a year You won’t know until you start You’ll only get to 90% and you can’t get the other 10% until you start You might never feel confidently fully transitioned None of it helps, most of […]


When I was young I was A Tomboy. That’s what they said. I wondered if it was bad to be That, a tomboy. They assured me it wasn’t. I guess the part of being a Tomboy that they don’t tell you Is that you’re supposed to stop. Now I dunno, I guess I’m a Boy […]


She looks like him sometimes some guy I used to know I loved him, so pretty fresh crisp youth, sun-baked femininity he was how I knew that I wasn’t like the rest of them I wanted to make him mine I asked him to be my valentine I waited for sparks to fly Nothing ever […]