I Do This For Myself

Today is just Full of PSA’s Just thought I’d be clear here I do all this For myself Not like– Myself right now Silly!! Myself back then Back when I was lost I do this for The teenager Googling random shit Hoping to find somebody They relate to In a world That seems to represent […]

Am I Straight Now?

I kinda feel straight I know I’m Non-binary and shit but like I’m gonna eventually Look kinda macho and Act pretty surly People already think Somethings up and I’m buff for a chick as it is People are gonna think I’m straight soon I guess they don’t have to know About all the Manpussy action […]

Trans Enough

Being misgendered Bothers me so little I almost feel as if I’m not trans enough somehow I don’t love being called female I’m just so used to it I barely even feel it anymore When people call me sir It makes a big difference in my life But I have enough other things To focus […]

Dysphoria Ramblings

“Dysphoria doesn’t mean you hate yourself” But doesn’t it? I don’t hate myself at all But I do wish I had Different parts That’s dysphoria And it results in me Being unhappy with my body I don’t hate myself I just used to hate How my skin felt And how my pussy smelled And how […]