Just the Tits

Boy, it sure is the pits, Bein’ a dude stuck with tits. Stop bitching, be a man and handle it! Right, hold my beer, Gonna bind ’em, grind ’em, unwind ’em She surely loves my soft, sweet underboob She definitely can’t tell the difference I’ll get off my pity-pulpit for a bit Pretend I’m ok […]

I drank a lot and now my ass is numb

  The left cheek, lower left part close to my thigh. Near the crack, but not on it. Totally numb. Been this way for almost two days. I really, honestly do not drink very much. I don’t really drink at all! I think this might be part of the problem. You see, I have a […]

She-Ra, He-Ra, Onomatopoei-a

SHE-RA REVIEW IS OUT Join me as I dive deep into She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Dreamworks/Netflix 2018 reboot. We talk about how awesome it is. Then, We talk about how amazing Noelle Stevenson is. Then, We talk about the old show. Then, We talk about the new show.   Got it? LET’S GO. […]

There is No Gender Revolution

There is No Such Thing as a Gender Revolution Transgender people are getting a lot of attention in the media. Everyone is getting more attention in the media, there is way more media! Laverne Cox, Chaz Bono, Danica Rorem, Buck Angel, loads of trans representation and information that never used to be accessible. Some say […]