Control My Thoughts

I’m sorry I have to get something off my chest It’s been raining all day Every part of my body aches and moans The fluids in me are churning My humours blending Black, yellow Blood and phlegm My systems disordered, A suicide mix of them all I have to get something Off Of my chest […]

You Deserve It

I thought maybe I’d admit That I’ve been mean enough to you But that doesn’t mean You don’t still deserve Everything you’re going through. I, Afterall Am forced to take the same pill Doesn’t that make it ok, To treat another human With ill-will? You know, Eye-for-and-eye Tit-for-a-tater-tot Bread-and-butter-instead-of-dill And yes, I miss a lot […]


Ugh why didn’t I consider any of this prose before now? Another old poem/prose. My subconscious self might hate me even more than my conscious self does. My conscious self HATES me. I’m scared to discover what subconscious me thinks of me.   Do you feel it? The strain. Pulsating web of pain. Radiating from […]

Heartbreak and Anxiety

The thing is, before I had my heart broken–I was convinced of a melodramatic, romanticized version of what break ups are. You get real sad, you eat ice cream and you cry. Maybe the love was unrequited! Maybe she moved away. Maybe they just weren’t meant to be. That’s the gist. I was like, weirdly […]