Melody Sucks

I’ve watched the same Blowjob video like Fifteen times now It’s become a sort of Therapist I talk to it about What’s bothering me Also about How much my downstairs is growing Recorded sex noises are More musical than Dvorak And more satisfying Than actually cumming What can I say The Melody sucks, but Music […]

Smug Cunt

What makes A cunt smug? I’ve been wondering I know that Cunts are inherently Not smug I’ve been inside them plenty They are quite Selfless, open Even welcoming How could a cunt Smugly do anything? It’s like Wet and flexible and Accommodating The opposite of smug If you ask me. Ohhhhhhhh right Women are supposed […]

Testosterone Is Cheating

My strength is Returning. I don’t want to Jinx it I went to the gym Three days in a row Not a lot of recovery And didn’t even wince My body heals So much faster than it did The testosterone is Really something else Men have no idea How much advantage they have Built in […]

Serial Killers

I legit Don’t understand Serial killers. There are So many other ways To scratch your itch. For example: Onions will Consent to being Buried under ground Water tortured Slowly starved for Months until Hung out to dry Chopped up, Caramelized And eaten. All on their own terms. No kidnapping Necessary.


What really gets me Is all the women That are just Complacent And fine with All of the bullshit The women who Voted for Trump Or even the Other voters who “Aren’t sexist But couldn’t vote for Such a demon” I could never be So blind to leap a “Faith” that deep It’s unbelievable, To […]