BITE Cover

Heard of Elephants still exists, Ya’ll! This cover is my baby right now, please be nice to her. I recorded all the tracks on multiple low brass instruments. It predominantly features tuba. There are also a lot of electronics that you will hear when you get there. Tuba is the way. FUN FACT Tuba can […]

10 Signs You Might be Genderqueer

10 Signs You Might Be Genderqueer Hey there, bud-dey. Its 2018, people are shouting “gender identity is separate from your sexuality” from the rooftops. You know what queer is, but… What is genderqueer? What is non-binary? What are gender non-conforming identities? Well, there are variety of gender identities that fall somewhere between male and female. […]

Am I Genderqueer, or Butch?

Am I Genderqueer, or Butch? When I was a kid, I used to pretend life was a movie that you watched with God. After the movie was over, he’d get up and say “What’d you think? Pretty crazy stuff right. Lets get you to bed, we’ve got a lot more to watch tomorrow”. It was […]

Gender Dysphoria: The T, The Low Down, the Bidness Hey! We get super obsessed with gender dysphoria with this one. I barely talk about mtf, but in my defense I got super duper wormholed with the ftm youtubers (they are all SOOOOO mmmmm).  uppercaseCHASE1 is the best, he gives away FREE BINDERS YA’LL, and he’s getting ready to give out packers?! yes. I knah. […]