Cutting People Out Of My Life

People are constantly telling me To cut negative people out And “trim the fat” So to speak I have literally Never had an issue With someone negative That wasn’t because of Their own bullshit I will say I have Endless problems With high and mighty Goody-two-shoe cunts Giving me advice unwarranted Babying me Patronizing me […]

I Do This For Myself

Today is just Full of PSA’s Just thought I’d be clear here I do all this For myself Not like– Myself right now Silly!! Myself back then Back when I was lost I do this for The teenager Googling random shit Hoping to find somebody They relate to In a world That seems to represent […]

The Butchest Butch

I am not sure yet If I truly identify as a man I’ve mostly been Acknowledging the Obviously masculine Characteristics that I have And instead of feeling Sick to my stomach– I just feel glad! And kinda horny I just kinda Loved being a lesbian? I don’t really wanna Not identify as that, ever. Ever. […]


Hello, Jim! Hello, Tod! How are your distractions going? Oh, great, Jim! Thanks for asking! You betcha Tod. I’ve been distracted for years now. You don’t say? I thought it was just me! No way, Tod! You mean we all feel it? Feel what, Jim? Oh Hah!! Silly Tod!!! The doom, Tod!!! Don’t you feel […]