Becky Can-Do’s Tips For Decluttering

Step one– Pick it up Can you use this To masturbate? If not Chuck it, You don’t need it. Step two– Did your ex give it to you? If so Chuck it! You don’t need it. Step three– Are you A hoarder? In debt? Trapped in the wrong city? Burn all this shit down! Let’s […]

Thumb Dick

Hi everyone My thumb is my dick I thought everyone Might be interested to know about it It’s like Not something I’ve heard other people Talk about much My thumb– Is my dick I dunno what other Kinds of details to give Maybe you need to know How I fit it in? Anywhere, everywhere, Any […]


I broke my back In a powerlifting tournament Squatting 275lbs It popped on the way up I did a second rep With the disc blown I thought I just Pinched a nerve and I Wanted to prove a point So I kept lifting My ex left me anyway–later She wasn’t impressed I guess Injury shit […]

Raise Hell

So I’ll be honest I became very inspired After seeing Roxane gay On live TV interviews a few times That is how she reached me first. I bought her book Hunger and her book Bad feminist. I read bad feminist and I thought to myself “When the fuck did I black out And write this […]

Masculine/Mad About It

Honestly I’m super fixated On all the fat stuff Because I’m starting To lose it, at least I’m starting to look Much more like a Buff guy Much more Masculine –rather than a Post-surgery, post-breakdown Freaky muscle fat thing Sad lady My face has leaned My hair is darkening My voice is lower People call […]