Masculine/Mad About It

Honestly I’m super fixated On all the fat stuff Because I’m starting To lose it, at least I’m starting to look Much more like a Buff guy Much more Masculine –rather than a Post-surgery, post-breakdown Freaky muscle fat thing Sad lady My face has leaned My hair is darkening My voice is lower People call […]


  I went from being A large, hairy, Muscly, surly Frowning woman That everyone hated To being A pretty handsome man In– Two months. I should be happy? But my rage Is boiling so intensely I’m worried I might Incinerate. The contrast between How I was treated And how I’m being Treated since taking Masculine […]


  I say I’m sad And I say I’m mad And I say I’m betrayed and upset I say we had a Misunderstanding I say I feel like My heart is ground meat But honestly I’m my mind I’ve been fishing, at the lake! The one where I caught you. Now I will Unhook you […]


Some people’s Hatred is so Dang confusing I’ve been trying To figure out If someone is Anti-gay Or bisexual and just Hates kink For twenty minutes now I give up I think they’re just A fucking idiot