I’m excited And terrified Of the clarity I will have Over this Part of my life In only a few years. The clarity is so Painful I am already so Achy I wonder if I can Take anymore Truth or if I’ll Just cave


  Ohh… Ohhhhhhh my Ooooohhhhhhh god Oh, God! Did I? Did I just…? Did I dedicate my life To a┬áscam? …………………? Oh wait– All of it is Scammy. Resume Bullshit Everybody!


My partner Bought a house I get to live in it I have been in charge of all the Macho things I’ve built shelves I built a garden I tend the lawn I built coat racks and Towel racks and installed Cabinets and mirrors I painted every room Sanded every Surface I’ve showed her how […]


Lately I have been wondering If I might’ve been Anton Bruckner, before. You know, like Reincarnation and shit. Whatever version you subscribe to– I’m convinced that we are all Recycled souls– Otherwise why the fuck Would I have been So incredibly angry As a three-year-old?! Clearly I was working through My last life’s bullshit Fresh […]

Peppy Talker

I give pretty good pep-talks I think, at least Some people have told me That I should be a Motivational speaker I find this somewhat insulting, considering How fake and inauthentic most of those Fakers are. I do not Identify as a faker; I Identify as a maker– See– There I go, again! Speaking motivationally. […]