A Like For A Follow And A Share For A Swallow

It’s clear that Many of the Citizens of WordPress (Sorry I’ve been watching Too much Batman lately) Only read Other people’s stuff To try and promote Their own shit Which– HEY!! It’s totally cool All is good, all is well I understand I just Personally Feel a little backed-in To a corner or something I […]


I’m an artist, now– FYI. Some people on the internet Said so. Maybe that will Change the way I see myself, If I could only Convince you.

Male Chastity

I am not sexually attracted to men. I’ve been tested, many times. Tested, but not tempted. The only thing that makes me wonder Are the things I’ve seen of Male Chastity. This stuff–seems interesting. I would love to reciprocate The years of pointed sentiment I’ve received, at the hands of men Return the favor, so […]

Stream of Consciousness

Lately I’ve been wondering If I could put a tap in my brain Not the kind that gets you high, permanently– Silly!– But the kind you use for maple trees To collect, accumulate Make a syrup sweeter than the bees I want to stick the tap Into my head And let the thoughts flow out […]

Your Phone

Your phone is a liar. It’s lying to you right now, as you hold it. Your phone doesn’t love you!! Your phone will desert you. Your phone, the one you tell all your secrets to The one you tell your plans, your hopes Your dreams to. Your phone IS A LIAR and it will betray […]