See You Around!

I moved, y’all! Go ahead and congratulate me! I deserve it You wanna know Where I moved to? Far, far away from you Far away from here Far away from everywhere I am now Three to four inches Outside of your peripheral Forever That’s where I moved to You’ll never be able to Focus in […]

Lumberjanes Lady Got Me Feelin’ Predictable

I read this Lumberjanes comic About this Inventor/explorer lady Who built herself Robot friends in the Forest to keep herself Company. She had all the friends she Needed, so the Lumberjanes came in and Saved her, I guess-? I don’t remember exactly what Specifically. I just remember That I really kinda Felt bad about how […]

Bass Growl

I think my favorite thing about bass Is that when you tease it It growls, Every time Kinda like me, except It dies down, mellows out Immediately I wish I was More like a bass When people pluck me I just get fucking Pissed off, and the rage Never mellows, the sustain is more like […]


Hi are you looking for something? are you looking for someone? looking for me, maybe? searching for a way to feel less lonely we are all looking for it I am searching all the time I will never stop searching I search when I am alone I search in a crowd the loneliness doesn’t care […]