The Butchest Butch

I am not sure yet If I truly identify as a man I’ve mostly been Acknowledging the Obviously masculine Characteristics that I have And instead of feeling Sick to my stomach– I just feel glad! And kinda horny I just kinda Loved being a lesbian? I don’t really wanna Not identify as that, ever. Ever. […]

Girlfriend Class

My girlfriend has been on vacation I am almost jobless, but Work is on the horizon. I suppose I could call it Vacation but my anxiety calls it Something else. We have been Hardcore enjoying each other’s company She has been Very interested in my childhood Ever since my diagnosis And all the doctors and […]

Pity and Sin

My heart is so big It bumps each side of the doorway When I walk in My heart is so big It swells when the wind Blows through me Like sails billowing My heart is so big I’ve made friends In an instant Filling the atmosphere With laughter and bliss and Desperately trying to understand […]


If you were Anywhere near as Witty, considerate, Insightful, funny, Charming, humble, Perceptive, Loving, generous, Observant and Loyal, as I — You’d have figured out How to apologize by now Sucks to suck Muah


I thought I was Sadder, now I thought my heart Broke even more I thought I was going through Pain and remorse But now I realize Things are just Back to the way they were