Masculine/Mad About It

Honestly I’m super fixated On all the fat stuff Because I’m starting To lose it, at least I’m starting to look Much more like a Buff guy Much more Masculine –rather than a Post-surgery, post-breakdown Freaky muscle fat thing Sad lady My face has leaned My hair is darkening My voice is lower People call […]


What really gets me Is all the women That are just Complacent And fine with All of the bullshit The women who Voted for Trump Or even the Other voters who “Aren’t sexist But couldn’t vote for Such a demon” I could never be So blind to leap a “Faith” that deep It’s unbelievable, To […]

Mystery Time w/ Becky

I think maybe All my Sex partners knew I was trans Before I did? I know this, I think. It just sucks to Accept it as true. I wonder How they knew? Maybe it was the Extreme self-hatred And overcompensation And massive Blowjob fixation? It’s a mystery, Yo.

Fool’s Gould/In Pants

I love how There’s an Internationally acclaimed Trumpet teacher and Performer who Made videos of Barbies fucking and Wears T shirts that say “Two in the pink One in the stink” And he is Gigging Stress-free Professionally Without any Interference While I am getting Reprimanded For my tone of voice And my love of Wearing […]


  I went from being A large, hairy, Muscly, surly Frowning woman That everyone hated To being A pretty handsome man In– Two months. I should be happy? But my rage Is boiling so intensely I’m worried I might Incinerate. The contrast between How I was treated And how I’m being Treated since taking Masculine […]