Song Edition: What am I even doing…?

Once more, with feeling… So shoot me, mo’fo’s, I like playing bass guitar and writing sad poems. Am I a real-life Marceline? That’s for you to project, and you to project alone. I am living my truth, Marceline is fictional. I tried to eliminate every single bar line in the whole song, while also using […]

Adventure Time Bubbline Femslash Review Love Festival I Adore Thee BUBBLINE TIME can I get a Yas YAS. Becky holds nothing back as she expressed her undying love for both Princess Bubblegum aka/ Bonnibel and Marceline. Bass bitches gotta support eachother, you know wha’ ‘m sayin’? YOU KNAH WHA I’ SAYI’?!? Femslash love festival but tbh I legit never talk about femslashes at all […]