Headphone Music

I think The thing I hate about Music nowadays is That it’s all Headphone music For listening alone By yourself While masturbating And thinking about your ex Fuck this shit I wanna jam As if sex is second best

Ani Difranco

Confession I am a Lifelong Ani Difranco fan I will never not like her I have never not liked her She is fucking dope Mad crazy finger picking chops yo Whoa Very serious skill Very cool palette Incredible rhythms I will eventually have an Exhaustive, expert guide to Her music and life I suppose I […]


Do you know The misanthrope The misanthrope The misanthrope Do you know The misanthrope Who lives here In my brain?


I know you hear Every song I play No matter Where I am Our hearts are Tethered and my Fingers strum The strings I whisper Sweet nothings Telephoning melodies Deep inside you


The thunder is here The most fantastic of lovers Strong, passionate Vibrant, singing loud Booming clear I am in love with thunder As if lightening could draw me near If only I would be charred, Scarred and toasted A love too strong for My body to hold Pure electricity Starved for touch Lashing out when […]