Miss You

Miss you? Of course I do! I even miss you When you’re with me. I’m grateful When you’re here, and I’m hopeful, not worried When you’re gone I could never see Anyone enough, Let alone, you

Proclaim Yourself NOW

Where/What/When/Why/How are You? This poem is about so many things They/Them/Their/What/Why/When/Why/How/Who/Maybe Proclaim Yourself NOW –by Becky WTGH   I’ve been spending most of my time wondering about time and space I’ve been wondering what keeps us all in this place here, not there, not over there, not with anyone not without penance. Everything has a […]

Oh WOW– I thought I Was and Now I Am

I thought I was, and now I am. The contrast is startling. I prepared, mentally and physically History was then–Now is Now I am not prepared. I wasn’t then, and I’m not, now.   I should have followed quicker tips or googled more wiki’s to guide me a bit. I should have shouldered more burden […]