When someone is Bleeding, and they are Hemophiliac No one blames them For bleeding out. When someone is Bleeding internally, Blackening and withering No one blames them For needing help. When a blind person Learns to use a cane No one blames them For smacking their knee But When a fat person Dies because of […]

Quillette Anna Slatz

I read this “Article” Thought-piece Bad poem About “fat-acceptance” And the dangers of Obesity. She used examples of Fat people being Medically mistreated Side-by-side with Her own opinions of how They deserved it And how obesity kills a High percentage of people Every year just the same What does it matter if it was an […]

Talking Dumpster

It’s nuts to me How even Talking about Being fat Anonymously On the internet Is a terribly Rebellious Act of Triumph– In person, I am usually Treated as a Talking Dumpster


Literally NO ONE Is saying That fat people shouldn’t Lose weight NO ONE I just hope That someday People will recognize That I Already fucking know You don’t need to tell me At all Ever About any of it THANKS THOUGH SEE YOU IN HELL  

Therapy Woes

When I mentioned to my therapist Some of my experiences with weight prejudice She responded by saying I was breaking her heart And that she had No idea Fat people were treated like this She then referenced Body positivity, and looked at me Like that means anything. I call bullshit, honestly You most certainly know […]