The Gay Agenda

Here at MAI It would be foolish To deny That the Gay Agenda Is my queer commander I’ve never seen it I’ve never heard it But boy oh boy I know it! It’s the thing all the Conservatives are scared of The agenda of Loving yourself enough to Not be scared anymore The agenda where […]

American Pastime

Contempt is our national pastime, now Our new baseball The new apple pie You aren’t American unless you’re Ratting out your neighbor, Shitting on your kids, Bitching about work while Belittling someone else’s You aren’t American unless You’re posting a CrossFit selfie Between anti-abortion posts While swiping right on every fat girl from high school […]

Who Died? Oh Right, I Did.

It’s weird when people know so strongly When they feel it in their bones. I would be certain, I would be sure But been living as this dope lady for a quarter of a century Really makes things difficult When you’re changing your name, Changing your face, changing your Identity.   I have to kill […]


I dedicated my life to something very very stupid and it didn’t pan out. I quit, because it was dumb. So now… I’m having a crisis about it instead. It’s a full-time job now. Wanna hear a poem about it?   Crisis –by Becky WTGH   What if… What if I stopped? What if I […]