Speaking of Ass

Last night When I was hanging out with molly I ate my girlfriends pussy So passionately and elegantly She came more ferociously Than I’ve ever seen One massive ten minute Episode of pleasure Radiating from her Body through my skin into My brain ! ”Twas dope. I woke up today And my tongue’s little rope […]


Some people’s Hatred is so Dang confusing I’ve been trying To figure out If someone is Anti-gay Or bisexual and just Hates kink For twenty minutes now I give up I think they’re just A fucking idiot

100 WordPress Followers

I have 100 WordPress Followers now I know that Isn’t a lot, by Anyone’s standards But for me I’m like Oh god What’s gonna happen now? Are ya’ll gonna Look over my shoulder When I’m typing on the Potty? There’s hardly Enough room as it is Between the squatty-potty and My heaving, sweaty body This […]

Understand Me

Bisexual people are Always accusing me Of being prejudiced Against them ? I am like Legit so unsure Of what I’m doing To deserve this. One time I pointed out– Casually, I promise– That my experience As a butch lesbian Has been quite polarizing. I asked my Bisexual friend If they had any of the […]