Masculine/Mad About It

Honestly I’m super fixated On all the fat stuff Because I’m starting To lose it, at least I’m starting to look Much more like a Buff guy Much more Masculine –rather than a Post-surgery, post-breakdown Freaky muscle fat thing Sad lady My face has leaned My hair is darkening My voice is lower People call […]

Love Myself

I never had Problems as a Fat person Until I started To love myself ———–/ God am I worried How y’all are Interpreting this one. You’re the problem, Not me, sorry!


Maybe the pain I’ve been blaming On arbitrary Strangers has actually been From my sister? Or maybe it’s just The same pain as before Sometimes I wonder If we aren’t mirrored Stuck parallel Images near, almost Touching but never Quite on the Same page– Cursed books Published as twins Sent in boxes Edited to be […]