I never asked to play Telephone but you Tugged at my strings until They broke, then Wouldn’t stop tugging At the frayed bits. I’ve had to get a New heart, since. What makes you think I’m going to give you My number again?


I oft think Poetry should be Freely tended, like a Pussy that’s been Neglected, or a Tit you haven’t seen In nearly a week


I used to feel empty Now I feel full I used to be angry Now I am consoled I used to be anxious Now I know calm I used to feel hopeless Now I am hope I used to feel barren Now I feel virile I used to feel alone Now I feel tiresome I […]

Come Out

I’ve come out a lot In my life I’m pretty tired of doing it Honestly, and Being trans is a bit too much In that regard. I’ve come out in a lot of Exhausting and degrading and humiliating sorts of Circumstances and I don’t really think Social Media is the place I quite enjoy my […]