Hipster Corn On The Cob

Nothing makes me Angrier Than all these Fucking Goddamn Hipster pieces of Corn on the cob Topped with Fucking nonsense like Toasted coconut And mayo Pepitas and And roasted poblano Za’atar Even Tajin and Honey and cinnamon Tons of NONSENSE Goddamn y’all Just steam it Butter it And shut the fuck up Unless you’re Actually […]

Really Ugly Wedding Dress

Omfg Omg lol Omfglol She dug out Her mom’s Vintage wedding dress Which is Supposedly only 21 years old But looks like A 1890’s Lingerie With a (I’m serious) Mother fucking beret It’s only 21 years old But it has A BERET This is The ugliest dress I’ve ever seen In my life I woulda […]

Cutting People Out Of My Life

People are constantly telling me To cut negative people out And “trim the fat” So to speak I have literally Never had an issue With someone negative That wasn’t because of Their own bullshit I will say I have Endless problems With high and mighty Goody-two-shoe cunts Giving me advice unwarranted Babying me Patronizing me […]