Shitty Poems

Sometimes I write a poem And I’m like “That’s it. That’s the one I’m gonna be incredibly infamously famous From sea to shining sea” And then– Nothing. Nobody Reads it or understands, Or cares, I guess. Or it just didn’t hit them In that really sore, soft Weak and bruised spot On their chest. Other […]

Friend or Phony

The last person I felt close to Maybe didn’t understand How unusual it was For me to let them in. ——————– I gave them full access, Copied them a key I daydreamed about porches Old age, a friend–closer than Family. ——————————– It didn’t seem to matter much For them, this was all normal stuff People […]

“I’m Sorry You Feel That Way…”

I guess I don’t hate you, I hate the way you made me feel. I saw a Maya Angelou quote “People might not remember you… blah blah… But they will remember how you made them feel” Boy, do I I remember how you made me feel And I don’t want to feel that way, Nobody […]

Surveillance Culture

If what’s going on in my head Is also going on in yours– Then why are we here, still? Why aren’t we dead? Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen Well, except for the government And their cameras they put in my Potatoes. Certainly. I eat the camera, the camera sees me Inside and out. The […]