Who is Becky

Who am I? What am I doing? Should I introduce myself a little better, Now that I’m Still talking I’m Becky with the Good Hair, but I wasn’t always this dope and smarmy. ————————- I used to be a really straight-laced stuck up bitch That’s why I call myself a Becky I have super dope […]

Sexuality AGAIN–Becky “Goes Gay” for a Month LMAO

<iframe src=’https://www.podbean.com/media/player/9uaq8-a5e98c?from=yiiadmin&download=1&version=1′ data-link=’https://www.podbean.com/media/player/9uaq8-a5e98c?from=yiiadmin&download=1&version=1′ height=’122′ width=’100%’ frameborder=’0′ scrolling=’no’ data-name=’pb-iframe-player’ ></iframe>   I have a lot of “sexuality” episodes. This one is somehow nothing like the others. We talk about everything from Logan Paul to John Locke. Time to get ENLIGHTENED, YA’LL. Self-concept here we go. Nah forreal I think sexuality is one of the most important […]

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power — Dreamworks/Netflix 2018 Reboot

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-3mq27-a2eae0 We dive deep into She-Ra. What a blessing to be able to watch this show. BEST SHOW EVER, AMIRITE!?┬áSeriously though, it has ruined all other activities for me. I can’t really enjoy anything other than She-Ra anymore. Food is tasteless, music is meaningless, any kind of exercise is just going through the motions… all […]

She-Ra, He-Ra, Onomatopoei-a

SHE-RA REVIEW IS OUT Join me as I dive deep into She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Dreamworks/Netflix 2018 reboot. We talk about how awesome it is. Then, We talk about how amazing Noelle Stevenson is. Then, We talk about the old show. Then, We talk about the new show.   Got it? LET’S GO. […]

Just like that, I’m a Cool Gay Uncle.

How did I get here? I LOVE IT Is this what people stick around for? Is this what procreation is all about? I have extended family I never see, they have babies I don’t give a shit about. These babies grew up. Sadly, sometimes they are pointless babies. Sometimes these babies move away, or get […]